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Think Outside The Bird For Thanksgiving!

Fellowship, family, football and... Catfish? Yep! We're talking about Thanksgiving, that most classic of American holidays.

"Catfish at Thanksgiving?" you say. Yes, indeed! You might be surprised to learn that turkey may have played a minimal role in the original "Turkey Day". The first Thanksgiving was held in a coastal area, and although farm raised catfish was still a few short centuries away, seafood was likely the star of the show at this most famous meal. Contrary to popular belief, it's not known for certain if turkey was featured on the original Thanks-givers' menu at all. The Pilgrims and Native Americans also looked to nearby lakes and streams to create their daily menus, so freshwater fish may also have been prepared for the historic feast.

We won't go so far as to say the Pilgrims loved catfish, but we sure as heck do! So if you'd like to get a little more traditional, or just add some flair, we suggest thinking outside the bird for your holiday feast. Simmons Farm Raised Catfish is a perfect option for adding some panache to your meal. If you're really bold, you might forego the bird altogether and opt for a delicious catfish entree. Simmons Farm Raised Catfish is so fresh and versatile, you can make this Thanksgiving an opportunity to really get creative, and raise some eyebrows!

Below are a few suggestions for additions to your meal that your family and guests will definitely remember. What's more, you can find our farm-fresh catfish for your recipes at numerous grocers near you!

An Appetizer With Zing!

A Truly Memorable Salad... Wait, what?

An Entree That Says You're Home

Don't be afraid to think outside the bird this Thanksgiving. Your Pilgrims will be gratified and you'll get applause!

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