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Spark Up Your July 4th With Scrumptious Catfish Recipes!

Are you ready to celebrate Independence Day in style? This July 4th, add a unique twist to your menu with delicious recipes featuring Simmons Farm Raised Catfish! You’ll satisfy your taste buds while you pay tribute to our nation's rich heritage. So gather your loved ones, call the neighbors, and get ready for a mouthwatering celebration filled with star-spangled flavor!

Simmons Catfish July 4th

Red, White, And Blue Catfish Burgers

Get ready to impress your guests with a truly patriotic dish: Red, White, and Blue Catfish Burgers! These vibrant and flavorful burgers are the perfect addition to your July 4th celebration, combining the deliciousness of Simmons Farm Raised Catfish with a colorful twist that will have everyone craving seconds.

Simmons Catfish July 4th

Prepare your taste buds for a delightful and portable treat: Catfish On A Stick With Pickles, Peppers, and Onions! Bursting with flavors and perfect for outdoor celebrations, these skewers feature succulent Simmons Farm Raised Catfish Fillet Bites alongside tangy pickles, crisp peppers, and savory onions. Get ready to enjoy a mouthwatering combination that will elevate your July 4th gathering to new heights.

Catfish Tacos With Jalapeno-Cilantro Slaw

Embark on a flavor-filled culinary adventure with Catfish Tacos With Jalapeno-Cilantro Slaw! These vibrant and zesty tacos showcase delectable grilled Simmons Farm Raised Catfish, perfectly complemented by a refreshing jalapeno-cilantro slaw. With every bite, you'll experience a harmonious fusion of textures and flavors that will make your July 4th celebration truly unforgettable. Prepare to indulge in a taco experience that will have your guests coming back for more!

With these three must-try recipes featuring Simmons Farm Raised Catfish, you can take your July 4th celebration to the next level. Get ready to savor the flavor of summer while celebrating our nation's independence. These mouthwatering dishes will create lasting memories and make your July 4th festivities truly extraordinary. Enjoy the festivities, and happy cooking!

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