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Catfish: An excel-LENT Alternative

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

Catfish Bienville

As many of our readers know, we’re in a the midst of the special season in the Christian church calendar known as Lent. During the weeks before Easter, many Christians choose to give up a luxury or indulgence in order to grow nearer to God. During the season, many worshipers observe a tradition of abstaining from eating red meat on Fridays. Some observers forgo red meat throughout the entire season.

Figuring out ways to diversify your meals when you can’t have meat for Lent can be a challenge. Suddenly, all of your favorite dishes get put on the back burner as you try to figure out how to get some variety into mealtime. If your family is in need of options in your Lenten season fare, Simmons Farm Raised Catfish is an ideal meat alternative everyone will enjoy during this time of reflection and appreciation.

Simmons Farm Raised Catfish is an extremely versatile fish that can be prepared in countless ways. The light, mild flavor always pleases, and it pairs well with sauces, rubs, and sides of all kinds. Our Farm Raised Catfish are raised in clean, aerated freshwater ponds, and fed high-quality diets. They are low in cholesterol, high in protein and a source of heart-healthy Omega 3 fatty acids.

So why not bring fresh farm raised catfish to the table for Lent? Simmons Catfish is nutritious, delicious and typically a bit less expensive than its oceanic cousins to boot! Try out three of our favorite catfish recipes for new and delightful Lenten mealtime options and see if your family agrees:

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