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It’s Time To Tailgate!

Updated: Jul 15, 2019


It’s football season and that means it’s time to get fired up about tailgating! Whether you’re heading to The Grove or pulling out the Cowbells or setting sail in the Vol Navy, you know tailgating is serious business – especially in the SEC!

On campus with your tricked-out tailgating rig or at the stadium with your portable grill, legendary tailgating is a snap when you add Simmons Farm Raised Catfish to the mix! We have a couple of tailgate recipes specially selected to please and feed your hungry fans. Expect a lot of interceptions when you dish these beauts at the pre-game party!

Your tailgating repertoire isn’t complete without Simmons Classic Fried Catfish. Crisp fry some fresh fillets or fingers in a big saucepan to make everyone at your party cheer. PRO TIP: serve on a bun or Texas toast with a dollop of pimento cheese or pickles for an awesome sandwich!

Serve this up at the pre-game with crackers or chips and everyone will beg for more.

This Smoked Catfish spread was a staple at parties growing up in our home and it makes an unforgettable tailgate appetizer. Your crowd’s game faces will break into giant grins after the first bite!

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