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Updated: Jun 22, 2019

Welcome to Simmons Catfish's Blog, Catfish Culture! Here at Simmons, catfish is in our blood and we want to share everything there is to know about this Southern staple. From the latest recipes and newest restaurants to everyday life on the farm, we will be talking about the culture that surrounds this unique fish.

My name is Katy Simmons Prosser and I grew on this catfish farm in the Mississippi Delta right outside of Yazoo City. After obtaining a business degree from University of Mississippi, I received my culinary degree from The French Culinary Institute in New York. I have been working in the food business ever since from food magazines to catering to cooking schools. I decided last year it was time to come back to the farm and bring the skills I had learned to the family company.

I genuinely hope to educate people on the diverse aspects of catfish, especially Simmons Catfish. It is a safe, sustainable, and healthy product that is raised and processed in the USA. There are so many exciting facts about Catfish and we want to make sure the world knows!

This quote from the beloved New York Times Restaurant Critic, Craig Claiborne, says it all. He was born and raised in the Mississippi Delta as well.

"I am persuaded that Catfish is the most southern of all fish.  I therefore claim that Catfish - if it is the basis of whatever preparation - transforms a dish into something southern." Craig Claiborne

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