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40 Years Of Quality

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

Simmons Farm-Raised Catfish celebrates 40 years!

For most businesses, reaching a four-decade anniversary would seem like a nearly impossible dream. For Harry Simmons Jr., the owner of Simmons Catfish, it comes as no surprise. When Harry Simmons broke ground on his processing plant and founded Simmons Farm-Raised Catfish in the 1980s, he knew he had the dedication and skill to produce the freshest, best-tasting catfish products on the market. He knew that's what customers would appreciate. Forty years later, Simmons' best-in-the-world products and loyal customers speak for themselves.

Over the years, Simmons' formula for quality has never changed. Our secret ingredients are the pride of ownership and hard work. They are simple principles, but they require a commitment which is rare today. We hatch, feed, grow, and process our catfish right on the farm in Yazoo City. The water quality of our ponds is constantly monitored. Our facilities are constantly inspected. We scrutinize every detail of our products. We're determined to give every customer a better quality product than they expect.

Simmons 1980s Advertisement
Simmons 1980s Advertisement

What was true in 1982 is still true today. "Everyone here works toward having good quality," says Harry Simmons. "We want the best quality on the market. Our business, from growing to delivery, is run by one single family. Mine. Every shipment of Simmons Farm-Raised Catfish has my name on it. I guess it boils down to this: I'm proud of my family's good name, and I won't put it on a product that doesn't deserve to be called Simmons."

Starting Production
Starting Production

If you're a life-long customer of Simmons Catfish, you're not alone. Our customers know and appreciate the difference quality makes. If you love catfish and haven't yet tasted Simmons Catfish, then give us a try. Pick up our products at your local market or sample them at your favorite restaurant. You won't be disappointed!

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