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Mother's Day - Simmons Style!

Updated: Jul 15, 2019


What does Mom Love (besides you, that is)? Simmons Catfish! Ask Mom and she'll tell you. The main reason she gave birth to you was the guarantee of a yummy catfish dinner on Mother's Day every year. You can show Mom how special she is by treating her to a delish catfish dish at home or at a great restaurant. She loves you so much she'll probably share. So win-win!

Here are a few awesome restaurants that would love to serve up a big plate of Mother's Day happiness for your incredible Mom:

The Veranda
The Veranda

The Veranda opened in 2003 on a mission to provide a wide variety of top-flight food and beverage in a casual atmosphere while serving guests the best of southern hospitality and graciousness. The Veranda serves up incredible Delacata catfish dishes mom will savor.

Cock Of The Walk
Cock Of The Walk

Cock Of The Walk's casual rustic atmosphere and service personnel attired in period dress of the riverboat era will bring you back to the time of the old riverboat days. Ask your server to "flip your cornbread"! Mom will love it.

10 South is a relaxed & casual restaurant and bar located on the rooftop of the First National Building in Downtown Vicksburg overlooking beautiful views of historic downtown and the Mississippi River. Mom will love the spectacular view.

If these suggestions are too far to drive, check out our list of dining establishments serving Simmons. Chances are you can find a great Mom's day catfish meal nearby: Restaurants Serving Simmons Catfish.

If Mom's not big on eating out, make her happy with a homemade catfish dish. She'll appreciate the effort as much as the taste! Try one of these extra special recipes to make her grin:

You can pick up fresh Simmons catfish fillets at a high-quality grocer near you, such as:

(Offers Delacata fillets too)

(Offers Delacata fillets)

(Offers Delacata fillets)

You can also find Simmons catfish at your local McDade's, Piggly Wiggly, or Ramey's grocery stores. Check our big list of grocers selling Simmons: Grocers Offering Simmons Catfish.

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