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It's National Catfish Month!

August is National Catfish Month which means now is the perfect time to enjoy Simmons Farm Raised Catfish (as if you need an excuse)!

Simmons has been producing the highest quality products and making taste buds happy for over 40 years. The innovation and hard work of farms like ours are some of the reasons that President Ronald Reagan and the Congress named August as National Catfish Month way back in 1984. We believe our dedication and service is reflected in the superb taste and quality of our catfish and we hope you think so too! Battered, marinated, baked, grilled, or fried – Simmons catfish is so fresh and mild it can be prepared in any which way, and always creates smiles whenever it's served.

Odette Restaurant in Florence, Alabama
Odette Restaurant in Florence, Alabama

Don't take our word for it. If you're near Florence, Alabama, this month, stop in at Odette Restaurant on North Court Street downtown. You won't be disappointed. Odette is an incredible eatery in historic downtown Florence, created by owner Celeste Pillow. Through her experience working in Manhattan restaurants and her love of food and art, Celeste's distinctive vision has created the neighborhood restaurant she'd like to frequent, with world class food featuring a smorgasbord of local ingredients and awesomely tasty Simmons Catfish dishes. Under the leadership of Executive Chef Josh Quick, Odette has become a regional favorite and a must-stop on any Southern culinary tour for its farm to table food and handcrafted cocktails. For National Catfish Month, pay Odette a mealtime visit and experience the unique atmosphere and elevated flavors.

Catfish At Odette In Florence, Alabama
Catfish Is Happening at Odette! (Photo by Okra Magazine)

Freshway Produce, Ridgeland, MS
Freshway Produce, Ridgeland

And speaking of unique dishes, there's no reason you can't pick up some Simmons Catfish at one of your local grocers and make some Catfish Month memories of your own! If you're near the Ridgeland, Mississippi, area, you probably already know about Freshway Produce on Old Canton Road. What you may not know is that Freshway offers Simmons Catfish – including our premium Delacata fillets! In addition, Freshway offers the freshest produce and ingredients in their open air farmer's market. They source as much of their goods and produce locally as they possibly can. Once you've picked up some Delacata catfish at Freshway, you can find delicious recipes right on our web site to make an unforgettable Catfish Month meal of your own!

A Big Simmons Catfish Fan at Freshway Produce
A Big Simmons Catfish Fan At Freshway Produce

It’s National Catfish Month, so treat yourself! Visit one of our favorite restaurants like Odette in Florence or pick up some fresh Simmons Catfish at a nearby grocery like Freshway Produce and make it an August to remember!

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