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Celebrate National Catfish Month With Simmons And Chef David Raines!

Updated: Jun 24, 2019


To honor the hard work and innovation of America’s Catfish farmers, and the incredible positive impact of the farm-raised catfish industry, President Ronald Reagan declared August as National Catfish Month in 1984. Americans, particularly those in our neck of the woods, have plenty of reasons to celebrate. Every component of the farm-raised catfish industry returns economic benefits to our local communities. The fingerlings are hatched locally; the feed is produced locally; the fish are harvested locally and they are processed and packaged by local farms – like ours!

The incredible economic multiplier isn’t the only reason to be proud of our farm-raised catfish. Folks across the land also appreciate the singular quality, taste and freshness of Simmons Catfish. Simmons Catfish is sold to local grocers and restaurants like Chef David Raines, the famous Flora Butcher and proprietor of Dave’s Triple B restaurant in Jackson, who’s always finding new ways to thrill our tastebuds with delicious and original Delacata dishes.

Chef David offers Simmons Delacata Catfish to retail customers at The Flora Butcher in downtown Flora at 4845 Main Street, which is “15 minutes from everywhere”.

The Flora Butcher is an old world style butcher shop specializing in local artisan products like Simmons Catfish. Chef David’s skill and attention to quality has turned Flora into a mecca for eaters seeking premium fare like Simmons Delacata.

Chef David’s latest venture is Dave’s Triple B Restaurant located on High Street in downtown Jackson. Opened in March of this year, it’s the ultimate farm-to-table casual dining lunch restaurant with a menu culled from Chef David’s impressive repertoire. Chef David is extremely passionate about his food and emphasis on local ingredients and the stories behind them. Chef David’s Simmons Delacata dishes are superb!

It’s National Catfish Month, so treat yourself! Visit The Flora Butcher and pick up some fresh Delacata or dine at Dave’s Triple B for lunch this month and celebrate with us and Chef David!

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