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Delacata - The Best of the Best

Updated: Jul 15, 2019

Delicata Catfish Filets

When it comes to fish fillets, there’s little doubt that U.S. farm raised catfish is among the best in the world. Simmons Farm Raised Catfish is no exception. Our family farm produces the freshest, healthiest and (in our opinion) most delicious fish around, grown and processed with the highest standards. Simmons catfish is of such amazing quality you might wonder, “can a catfish fillet get any better?” We’re glad you asked. The fact is when it comes to catfish, there’s one fillet that’s a cut above the rest and Simmons has it: Delacata catfish fillets.

What’s Delacata and how is it different?

Delacata catfish fillets are a relatively new, premium offering that many have dubbed “the filet mignon of catfish”… And they are gaining a lot of fans. Delacata is a special cut of Grade A catfish that is far from a traditional catfish fillet. Only the most select fish are harvested to create Delacata style catfish fillets. They are deep-skinned and hand-trimmed to ensure all fat is removed, leaving only a superb and incredibly consistent prime cut of fish. The mild flavor and thick, meaty flake of Delacata fillets are similar to other premium seafood selections like snapper, grouper, or halibut. The thick fillets are extremely versatile – ideal for grilling, sautéing or broiling – and complement sauces, marinades or rubs with ease.

Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s Chef David Dickensauge of Bay St. Louis touting the quality of Delacata:

Simmons sustainable and environmentally friendly farming process means Delacata is always in season and available, and will continue to be for generations – making it a perfect catch of the day, every day.

You shouldn’t be surprised to find Delacata dishes served in any white tablecloth establishment you frequent. And with a relatively lower price point compared to other premium fish, you can enjoy Delacata at home too, without stressing your budget.

With Father’s Day around the corner, you might consider treating Dad to a special dish with Delacata. We all know how much dads love catfish. Imagine how much he’d enjoy a Delacata fillet.

You can find Simmons Delacata fillets at many restaurants and grocers

offering Simmons catfish. Ask for Simmons Delacata fillets if you don’t see them on the menu or in the freezer department.

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