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Walls of Fame

Walking through the offices and processing plant here at Simmons, you might notice awards lining the walls throughout the business.  This is a special  recognition given to honored employees for valued years of service to Simmons Catfish.  For example, Anna Jones Lamdarrass received a special plaque on the fillet floor titled "Anna's Fillet Parlor" for 20 years at Simmons.  She is working on her 26th year as we speak and continues to take special pride in her work everyday.

Anna's Fillet Parlor

James Bryant and Billy Keen both have received plaques in their honor for many years of service.  Since our Plant Manager, Hardy White, retired after 30 years, they both have stepped up and kept things running smoothly.

James Bryant's Downstairs

Billy's Supply Room

Hardy White Processing Facility

Bebe Crisler and I.W. Willis are two other key players that make Simmons Catfish the best.  These men keep the distribution/shipping department top notch to make sure everyone receives their catfish on time.

Crisler Cooler Annex

Two other faces that have built Simmons Catfish over the last 30 years are Delores Hollowell Howell and Bill Meeks.  Delores is the CFO of Simmons and is the person who makes things happen around here.  Selling catfish is Bill Meeks main responsibility and he has been at it for almost 3 decades!

Delores Hollowell Conference Room

Mr. Bill's Kitchen

These employees and many more are what make Simmons Catfish a high quality product.  After all "Quality is Everybody's Business".

Quality Is Everybody's Business

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